Stories of Hope

Pressured to Abort

Everywhere she turned, Jabra was pressured to abort. While still uncertain, she made an appointment with Planned Parenthood. Instead of offering her counsel, the nurse said, “You came here anyway. Maybe you should get the abortion.”

She gave Jabra the first part of the Abortion Pill regimen, instructing Jabra to place two pills in one cheek, two pills in the other, and wait for 30 minutes. While waiting, Jabra kept thinking, “You're tasting death.”

Jabra went home to her kids, and they asked, “Mommy, how’s the baby?”

Crying and shaking, she thought, How do I stop this? What do I do? She sobbed, “God, I’m so sorry. Please!”

She searched the internet and found a PreBorn! Network Clinic hotline number. They immediately got Jabra started on the Abortion Reversal Pill, and it saved her baby's life!

“I want a lot of people to know, it’s possible. You can save your baby. You can reverse that abortion.” – Jabra